10 Signs That Your Boy Friend Is Ready To Marry You

As a woman, chances are you pick up on the slightest changes in your relationship. Most of us, anyway. Identifying when your man is ready to take the big step is not easy though. The signals are hard to identify as in most cases they will appear gradually and not overnight.

Many of us want to have the dream proposal, with that 5-carat diamond in theengagement ring and with a fairytale set up. Well, guess what? You need to level your expectations a little bit.

He may be dreaming of putting the wedding ring on your finger but most probably that’s the only thing he has no doubt about. The how and when is most of the times a mystery.

He will probably try to create a romantic setting and say the words that will come to his mind from the heart.

Don’t worry, this will make it as special as it ought to be. A big parade and a choreography of people and events are not how it happens for the most of us.

Years ago, you would have had to look out for his actions in general. Nowadays, you need to keep an eye as well for the online signs. For the last few years, there has been a growing trend for online shopping; diamonds and engagement rings are no exception to it.

This means that many of the signs will be related to his phone/laptop and the information he’s getting from those devices. See below our 10 signs he’s ready to marry you.

1) He looks at you differently

Literally! It seems strange, but when you see it, you know it. He will look at you with more love in his eyes, with a sort of glow and you will feel it. It may make you feel uncomfortable because his look will be very intense, or it may take you back to the first dates. In any case, this should trigger your diamond ring radar.


2) He’s extra cautious with his phone

This is one of those signs from this list that you need to put into perspective.

My husband never cared about me going through his phone, even if it was just to browse something on the internet because my phone was further.

However, before he proposed he became extremely jumpy about it. He would almost yell at me for going through his phone asking me to respect his privacy.

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Like any sound woman, the first thing that came to mind was that he was hiding something bad from me, like another woman flirting with him, or worse…

However, I could not believe that, when all the other signs below were also taking place more or less at the same time.

Later, when he proposed, he confessed and showed me that the reason for him not wanting me around his phone was that he was checking Millenium Diamonds to buy a diamond and a lot of information on how to make sure he was buying a quality diamond.

He knew that I am very careful when it comes to diamonds and was always skeptic following the story of blood diamonds, so he had researched and browsed tons of pages on conflict-free diamonds to make sure the one he was getting would make me happy.

To be honest, he’s not a techy, so he didn’t know how to erase the history of browsing on the phone, which made him very jumpy every time I would get his phone!

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