5 crazy things people do to lose weight (Number 4 will shock you)

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The society we live in now sees being skinny as a beauty trend, putting a lot of people, especially women, under pressure to lose weight and be seen as beautiful or handsome. This pressure tends to push them into taking desperate measures that may shock you, even when sadly easier and safer solutions to lose weight are readily available, click here to get them now!

Be warned that even though this may be the first time you are hearing of some of these practices, don’t be tempted to try them out as they are not exactly the best ways to go about your weight loss journey.

These are 5 crazy things people do to lose weight:

1. Smoke

It is a well-known fact that smoking is a dangerous practice; however, some people have gone beyond smoking for pleasure to smoking to lose weight or stay skinny. This is a harmful practice and definitely a no-no when safer remedies exist.

2. Starve

Abstaining from food may keep a person skinny or get them thinner than they are, but this is an unhealthy method to lose weight too, the body gets denied essential nutrients it needs and people who practice this are prone to ulcer among many other ailments. So just don’t do it!CLICK HERE FOR HEALTHIER SOLUTIONS

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3. Take laxatives

Taking laxatives induces violent and unnatural bowel movement, this also leads to dehydration, giving a temporary mirage of weight loss, it is crazy that people do this especially since it does not even take care of body fat. Save yourself the trouble and get the solution you crave HERE!

4. Jaw Wiring

As scary as this looks and sounds, people actually go this far to lose weight. The idea behind it is that wiring the jaw shut prevents a person from eating. It is just as bad as starving but is an extreme method for people who lack the self-control to keep themselves from eating.

5. Induce vomiting

This involves actually eating as much food as you want and then inducing vomiting your empty your stomach after a meal, mostly by putting a finger down your throat. It is as terrible as it sounds and totally disgusting.

The sad thing about these 5 crazy practices is that they all come with terrible side effects that are not worth the trouble, especially since safer methods exist that can save you the trouble and still let you live a happy life.


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