How To Control Jealousy In A Relationship

At some point, you will experience jealousy in your relationship. In moderation, it shouldn’t cause a problem. But if it persists, your relationship will break down very quickly.

It’s not about erasing jealousy from your relationship – it’s about controlling it. You’re a couple in love, of course, you are going to feel jealous. As long as you are both willing to work on your problems and make compromises there’s no reason why you should break up.

It’s important to not let your jealousy build up. Read on to find out how you can control it and work on making your relationship healthier.

Don’t compare previous relationships

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Being lied to or betrayed in a previous relationship can cause you to have a negative view on love. Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you or lied to you about something important, so you find it difficult trusting your current partner in case they replicate these actions. It’s unfair to compare your relationship to past ones and this can be very damaging.

You will probably be on your guard in your current relationship to protect yourself from being hurt again. You can’t move on if you keep looking back at the past. Don’t let your fears and doubts take over, as it could push away the one person you want to keep close.

Try to let go of any negative feelings attached to your past relationships. There’s a reason why your other relationships never worked out. It’s time to move on and learn to trust someone new.


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