4 EXPLOSIVE Ways to Stimulate Her N!pples And Make Her Scre@m

The ni.pple is one of the hottest erogenous zone in a woman’s body. Not only should it never be ignored, you should also make sure to touch it the right way.

Here are four ways to make her totally hot and horny by stimulating those n.ipples.
1. Breathe

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While some people like very aggressive ni.pple stimulation it’s always a good idea to start off slow and gentle. You don’t even need to start off with touch. If you can use your mouth to blow across your partners ni.pples, start by playing with your breath. You can blow hard through pursed lips to create a cool breeze,or get even closer and breathe open mouthed, which creates a warm breath. Many ni.pples are highly sensitive to both touch and temperature, so as you are exploring try to notice how both your partner and their ni.pples are responding.


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