5 Signs That You Are So Good in Bed (18+ Only)

1. You just drive him mad:

If you have not you found your husband clenching his hands or feet or both? then you might be doing something wrong but If yes, then you can bet that you are performing well and doing something which seriously rocks his body and mind. Also if you hear any kind of teeth-grinding sound escaping his lips then you are really making him happy. If you see any of the above signs. In fact, go for the kill, which means just try to prolong your effect on him and continue to torture his senses.
2. He is insatiable for you:

You have to be a bit observant about the way he reacts during the post-coital phase. Does he sleeps right away or simply steps out for a bath or seems exhausted? These signs shows you have not arouse him to the extreme..but if he is ready for round two (and even round three), despite sweating like hell from the previous round, then you can pat yourself on the back. This shows you have used your skill to make your man insatiable, like a hungry wolf. So, now you know that you are definitely a bedroom champion and superstar.
3. He can never get enough of you:

Here there are two kinds of scenarios that arise after you make love. First, your man carries on with his daily chores, looking satisfied and happy. Second, your husband doesn’t seem to get over how great the bedroom action was. Your husband gets obsessed with discussing the smallest of details of how you drove him crazy.

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Rather than just looking for physical satisfaction, he now starts planning the set-up of your next bedroom adventure. Obviously, the latter suggests you did something which elevated his sensibilities to the heavens. So, you are indeed, the goddess of his fantasies.
4. You arouse the animal in him:

This observation is more likely to come across when you intercourse with your husband in the morning or daytime. Most men tend to make a fast exit as soon as the actual action of love-making is over. However, if your husband stays hooked to your side, then is certain that he can never get enough of you. If your husband follows you around the house or just wants to hold you in his arms. Also, if your husband is never ashamed of public display of affection (PDA). Basically, he just cannot keep his hands off you then you can safely say that you have ‘knocked his socks-off’.
5. He ‘confesses’ the biggest compliment:

If your husband tells you that he feels guilty that he is not as good as you. Even as you try to comfort him and telling him that it is no competition, he seems rather embarrassed. He will always complain that he is not as good as you in bed. This is the ultimate compliment for your bedroom capabilities. But, that does not mean you start acting funny, you might ruin your marriage if not careful.


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