‘Girls Should Stop Demanding Too Much From Their Boyfriends’ – Olajumoke Says (Watch Video)


Host Voice Of Change,Olajumoke Adenowo said this in a recent meeting with youths..below is what she posted

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How a guy spends his money should actually be an indicator of how he SHARES selflessly . Don’t mistake QUANTUM of wealth with QUANTUM of AFFECTION . He just may have loads of money to SPARE – and if for any reason things change for him financially his true colour will emerge . Cherish the one who SHARES WHAT HE HAS WITH YOU . Little ( for now) or much . However – If you choose to AUCTION OFF your love – the buyer is not fooled HE/SHE also doubts your intentions – too many guys are wondering – would she love me if I didn’t have XYZ ? 🤔That’s why many relationships are not secure in their mutual love – it was PURCHASED .”His truuu!!” ( said in my best Patience J accent 🙈 ) #truelove #love #loveislove #loveispatient #love #money #moneymotivated #moneycantbuy . I stepped on toes again oooo 🙈🙈!! IG Fam what do YOU think ? Should I “continuuuu “?

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