8 Reasons To Break Up With Your Boyfriend (A MUST READ)

Neil Sedaka sings a song called “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” and in many relationships, the song rings true. What reasons are good reasons to call it quits? Answers vary from the mentally and physically destructive to the downright silly. To sort things out, this article will list the best reasons to break up with your boyfriend.


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A worthy inclusion, infidelity, or cheating, is a definite deal breaker. Seeing your man with another person is heartbreaking, and the man seeing you cheat on him is equally devastating. The main reasons to break up are distrust and near-impossible forgiveness.

Relationships rarely work out due to those reasons. Therefore, cut your boyfriend or husband loose if this occurs. You deserve better. If the man is cheating with your friend, dump your friend too.

Cheating thoughts discuss fantasizing about sex with anyone but the boyfriend or husband. While not acting on impulse, thoughts are similar to infidelity. If you wish you were with someone else, end the relationship now. When you think about having sex with someone else, it will eventually turn into a reality, and that hurts everyone involved.


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