How to Make a Girl Friend Fall in Love with You In A Minute

Love is the greatest feeling and one just cannot help it in choosing whom to fall in love with. Falling in love is a natural process and you too is a victim now. You have fallen in love with your friend and want him or her to love you back. Well, thankfully there is nothing impossible in this universe therefore, it can also become true. To make your friend fall in love with you first you will need to get out of that forever friend zone. Break the barrier and approach your friend. Since you both are friends, therefore, it would be easier for you to choose better ways which can make your friend say yes. Check out the given amazing tips to make a friend fall in love with you.

How to Make a Friend Fall in Love with You

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Tips to Make a Friend Fall in Love with You

1. Give Them Hints to Make a Friend Fall in Love with You

You both are friends since a long time and you are aware of the best possible ways to make them fall for you. Before you both get too close and start behaving differently you need to give her/him hints that you like her or him more than as a friend. Use simple flirts, remark, or anything that would make her/him tell you that you are sweet, but also make her/him think a moment longer about the remark and question if there is added deeper sense to it all.

  • Well, it can be tough to behave differently as you both have always behaved as just friends. If you both are new in friendship then doing rush would even make your friend feel that you initiated friendship because of this purpose. Therefore start giving hint slowly. First, start with your body language then go using words. Look at your friend and smile a lot, make them realize that you are enjoying their company a lot.
  • After flirting with body language it is time to move on to flirting with words. Do not miss any chance to admire your friend as a person not only as a friend. Try to make them feel that there is more in your heart about them. Bring on little by little till they get comfortable.
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