How to Make a Girl Jealous? (A MUST READ FOR GUYS)

Jealousy is a very strong emotion. Making a girl jealous is probably one of the easiest tasks which can be effortlessly accomplished. People easily get possessive and insecure for the person they love and it eventually transforms into jealousy. When a girl gets jealous it makes easy for you to know that how much she is into you. It would be great to see a girl going head over heals to be with you, isn’t it? Yes! that would be a wonderful feeling but in order to make this happen, you will have to make a girl jealous. There are times you don’t even know what’s wrong with your girl like everything seems fine and then suddenly she is going all crazy and angry without any valid reason. This is because she is actually jealous and the reason can be anything, simply anything.

Knowing what makes a girl jealous would also help you to avoid situations which may lead to tensions between you both. Does it make you happy when she gets jealous? It gives a clear indication that she is very serious about you and you mean a lot to her. According to psychologists, jealousy tends to completely ruin a relationship if not countered and dealt with. If you want to make a girl jealous and get her back, then we are here to guide you through every step on how to make a girl Jealous?

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Follow These Steps to Make a Girl Jealous

1. Ignore Her to Make a Girl Jealous & Want You More

Well, it is not easy to ignore someone whom you want to be with but if you really want to make her jealous, you will have to do it no matter what. Stop complimenting her and try to avoid looking at her eyes. Do not do sweet gestures which may make her feel special. This will make her go crazy and she will start anticipating that what has actually happened. Feeling of jealousy would also trigger inside her mind. It might also make her think that you are seeing some other girl. Try not to answer her calls, let her wait for a while to make her realize your importance. If you are the one to initiate conversation every time then wait for her to make the first attempt.


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