How To Find A Boyfriend In College or Univeristy

Join a club

Group of friends watching TV at home

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The best place to find a guy you’ll have something in common with? A club where people have the same interests you do. Whilst you might have interests that mainly attract girls, like, say ballet classes tend to have more women than men attend them if you have a little spare time you can join clubs that aren’t your main interests but are still focused on things you like.

Even if you aren’t making movies in your spare time, but you can still join the movie club if you enjoy watching and talking about movies.

Joining clubs also means you have the opportunity to meet with women whom you can become friends with. Not only will friendships help make your experience at college all that much better, it will also mean you have girlfriends with whom you can attend parties, go to bars with, etc. It’s nice to have a wing woman when looking for a boyfriend!

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