Ladies See What To Do When You Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating On You

If there’s one thing in this world that makes a woman want to go all Carrie Underwood on an ex’s car, a la the music video, “Before he cheats,” it’s when a girl is scorned by a man who decided to play haphazardly with their heart and cheat. In this day and age, cheating can take many forms—talking to girls online, swiping through Tinder behind their partner’s back and then, the truest form: actually going through with hooking up with another person. Just last month, the #HurtBae video made its rounds on the internet, going viral for the saddest of reasons. The video showcased two exes sitting across from each other while the male confessed all the times he cheated on her while they were dating.

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It was a hard video to watch, but it didn’t glamourize on the fact that cheating is one of the hardest forms of heartbreak to experience. Hearts went out for #HurtBae because, just like every other person who’s been cheated on, the fact remains that they never asked for it. Maybe they had hopes and dreams of a life that involved being with this person forever, so for all this to be taken away from them because of something they didn’t even do, is pretty damn tragic. It’s a situation you never hope to be in, but if you are and you find yourself saying, ‘Now what?’ here are seven tips that will help you get through it and learn what to do when you catch him cheating.

1) Put yourself first

Finding out you were cheated on brings on a whole slew of emotions. Shock. Disgust. Anger. And so on. To help you get out of your depressed slump, you’ll want to up your self-care for the time being. Take a relaxing bath, go visit your girlfriends—do things that will give you some space from your guy. Doing so could give you the clarity that you need and also, as an added bonus, make him sweat a little as he wonders what you’re thinking.

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