Three Reasons She Is Not Reaching Org@sm And How To Fix It

According to Dailystar, a recent study from shows almost half of women have trouble reaching climax during s*x. The survey asked 866 women about their S£x lives and 48% of them said they had difficulty climaxing during at least half of their S£xual encounters.

During the follow up questions to see why this lack-of-orgasm trend prevailed, there were three clear reasons why:

1. Lack of arousal
Half of the women who found it difficult to orgasm said one of the main reasons was because they weren’t able to be mentally aroused.

Lead study author, said this was because women needed to feel turned on in order to get off.

The lack of arousal could be due to a number of reasons: stress, no foreplay, no communication or her partner could simply be boring in bed.

What can you do to help?

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Communication is a cornerstone to any healthy relationship so to make sure she’s getting off more frequently, talk to her. Talk through whatever it is that’s on her mind, see if she wants to experiment with new things in bed and tell her how S£xy you find her.

2. Her age
Age is a major factor to whether a woman can get off or not, and surprisingly it’s younger women who find it more difficult to climax.

The same study revealed 40% of women in their 20’s said they faced troubles orgasming compared to just 30% of women over 30.

David said this is because younger women often have less experience in the bedroom and it can take years for a woman to discover what really gets her going.

Another study suggests that women in long-term relationships are more likely to orgasm and women in their 20’s tend to be in newer relationships.

So how can you help her reach that big O?

Again, talk to her. Ask her if what you are doing feels good. Let her tell you what she wants and what to do. You can both find her sweet spot together.

3. Lube it up
The study showed 43% of respondents who had issues reaching orgasm also had a hard time staying lubricated.

David said it is possible for a woman to be mentally turned on but to have trouble getting wet.

Lubrication makes S£x feel more comfortable so when it’s missing, a woman finds it harder to orgasm.

The quick fix?

By a bottle of lube. A study by said half of women who have used lube said it makes it easier for them to climax.



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